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We pride ourselves with exceeding all expectations and requirements that are given to us by our customers. We want each moment of our experience to impress and bind to the memories of all of your guests. We do so by cross training each member of our team, so full functionality remains steady across the board, as well as weekly operation training on our current equipment to ensure we are giving you 100% of what our equipment has to offer. With a wide range of events that we prepare for, there is always something extra we can offer you. Whether it's adding 4k video to an event or grabbing those distant relatives for a full 360 VR experience, we want to help reveal your greatest moments!


Who We Are

What We Do

Red Ray Productions was founded by a group of tech-enthusiastic friends who saw a gap in the market. Specifically, they saw a lack of affordable, mobile, and high-resolution live streaming setups that the average person or small business could afford. The solution? Provide as a service what they had already been doing amongst themselves for years: Learning, innovating, and problem-solving.

How We Do It

Red Ray Productions specializes in showing what you love to the world.  Whether that means livestreaming a performance, recording a real estate walkthrough, or producing a tutorial for your product, Red Ray has the skills and equipment to get the job done.  With a variety of camera options including high-resolution studio 4k, 360 degree, and mountable action cams, we're ready to tackle your project with a variety of options and price-points.